If your Nikon camera tethering is not working with gphoto2 under Linux, maybe this will be able to help you.
I have found out that when I switched to newer version of gphoto2 (2.5.X) tethering for my camera stopped working. Workaround is to downgrade to version 2.4.X.

First be sure that your camera is correctly detected as PTP USB device (you need to configure your camera to act as PTP device, not as a mass storage). Check it with lsusb command. Output example:

$ lsusb | grep Nikon
Bus 003 Device 034: ID 04b0:0410 Nikon Corp. D200 (ptp)
Then you need to get rid current version of gphoto2, example for Ubuntu Linux:
$ sudo dpkg --remove gphoto2
After that you need to install older gphoto2 package. You can download it from Ubuntu » Packages » precise (12.04LTS) » utils » gphoto2 page. There are also links to other packages gphoto2 depends on, basically you need to instal only packages mentioned below.
I assume you had not working gphoto2 package installed with command sudo apt-get install gphoto2, which should take care of package dependencies.
Packages installation example:
$ sudo dpkg --install --force-all gphoto2_2.4.11-2_amd64.deb \
libgphoto2-2_2.4.13-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb libgphoto2-port0_2.4.13-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb \
To prevent installed packages upgrade/removal put them on hold by following command:
$ sudo apt-mark hold gphoto2 libgphoto2-2 libgphoto2-port0 libgd2-xpm
Camera tethering should be working after this downgrade. Output example:
$ gphoto2 --capture-tethered
Waiting for events from camera. Press Ctrl-C to abort.
UNKNOWN PTP Property 500d changed
UNKNOWN PTP Property 500f changed
UNKNOWN PTP Property d102 changed
UNKNOWN PTP Property d103 changed
Downloading 'PVK_6023.NEF' from folder '/store_00010001/DCIM/123ND200'...
Saving file as PVK_6023.NEF
Deleting 'PVK_6023.NEF' from folder '/store_00010001/DCIM/123ND200'...
UNKNOWN PTP Event 400c, Param1 00010001
UNKNOWN PTP Property d103 changed

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact me at my e-mail address.

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