My customization of user level interface for Firefox OS could be found at my git branch of Gaia.
2015-08-19-21-31-53.png 2015-08-19-21-32-28.png 2015-08-19-21-42-05.png
Additional icons (Geo location, Screen orientation lock, Battery charge) in quick settings area.
Button for killing all apps added to task manager screen.
en-SK locales applied, language is English, but week starts with Monday.
2015-08-19-21-42-35.png 2015-08-19-21-47-05.png logo.png
Slovak keyboard applied, side effect - you can change keys displayed to lowercase.
Discrete notifications displayed on the Lock screen.
New Firefox OS boot logo.
To back up the phone I use B2G-flash-tool. But to restore the data I use my own script, because is not always working properly. Also, my script is able to restore apps data selectively.

Workflow example (bash used as shell):

$ cd ~/FirefoxOS/B2G-flash-tool
$ a=mozilla-profile; b=9; rm -vrf ${a}.${b}
$ for (( i=b-1; i>=0; i-- )); do mv -v ${a}.${i} ${a}.$(($i+1)); done;
$ ./ -b
$ cd ../B2G
$ ./
$ ./
$ restore_phone

My changes so far:

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact me at my e-mail address.

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