ATX power supply conversion
June 2015

This is nothing new. It is not complicated to convert ATX power supply to a bench power supply. It takes cables cutting, metal case cutting and drilling, soldering and a little investment in parts used for conversion(I guess you have ATX power supply lying around).

I used following resources to find out what and how needs to be done:

And also these two may become handy during building:
PVK_5493.jpg PVK_5496.jpg PVK_5498.jpg
Cables were cut and grouped by color. Two switches, two LEDs with current limiting resistors, one power resistor and six binding posts were added.
A lot of heat shrink tubes were used to protect live parts of the inside connections.
Big black switch turns main power on and off, this is has same effect as pluging power cable in and out. Little red switch is used to turn whole power supply on.
PVK_5503.jpg PVK_5506.jpg PVK_5510.jpg
Red LED is for main power, yellow LED alights when red switch is turned on. There is power resistor visible under main black switch.
Binding posts are, top left, GND, +12V, +5V, bottom left, -12V, -5V, +3.3V.
Last thing is to add labels to the front panel. And for the next project I will probably add some backlight to my multimeter.

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