DIY PC audio and USB front panel
May 2015

It happened that I bought new PC components and put them in the case I already had at home. Unfortunately it was missing front panel for USB and audio ports. As I was not able to find suitable one to buy, I have put one together myself.
I used parts I had at home already: metal case from old CD drive (which I already cut some parts off), plastic front filler, USB ports with cables from another unused broken PC, cable from old broken headphones, audio connectors from unused audio card, and two female pin connectors from unused cables, etc. To construct holders for the connectors I used aluminium part of hanging file folder and various screws.
Various tools were used during process: fretsaw, drill, small bench vise, screwdriver, soldering station, etc.
There is also free space on the front panel for future enhancement with USB 3.0 ports.
PVK_5468.jpg PVK_5473.jpg PVK_5478.jpg
Front panel with cables, please ignore holes in the CD drive metal case. And also USB cables extension could be done better.
Connectors in detail. Audio (mic and output) on the left, USB 2.0 on the right.
Backside of the front panel.
Front of the PC with front panel already in place.

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